Unable to view task



I have create a manual task. However, I am not able to view it in workspace.
It says that the task is created but I am not able to view it.

Manual Task won't apear in the Worspace


Have you run you task? what status does it have?

see: https://kb.workfusion.com/display/WF/Create+a+Human+Task


Hi @azinchuk,
Yes, i ran the task. Please find the image below.
Status of the task is processing. Just to highlight, I am using RPAExpress and I do not have credentials to open the link that you have shared above.


Please describe what happens when you click the “Find these tasks in Workspace” link?

And please generate and send a task package here - it is done in Task Packages tab.


It says that "No more tasks of this type are available for you. Try to find other tasks in categories available for you. "
Please find the image for your reference. I have also attached the task package.
Features in an image 13-4-2017.zip (7.0 KB)


Do columns from import file correspond to this particular case?



Your csv input file should have the following structure:
image_link.csv (194 Bytes)

You have named the data element like this: ${question.data['image link']}

It is better not to use spaces in names, use underscores instead: ${question.data['image_link']}
And therefore the column name in the input file should be named: image_link


Changed the column name to image_link. However, there are still not tasks.
Updated package is also attached below:
Features in an image 13-4-2017.zip (7.0 KB)

  1. Does the Task Preview work and show your task appearance?
  2. In WorkSpace, try to open the Tasks menu and search your task by name.
  3. Run a sample human task that was pre-created “Extract invoice fields” and check whether this task is available in WorkSpace


Hi @azinchuk,
No nothing is coming up.
No task appears when I try to search the task.
Also, I cannot see “Extract Invoice fields” under manual tasks.
I have attached the screenshot as well. Is there anything I am missing?


you need to search not in the Dashboard, you need to search in the Tasks menu on the top


I have done that as well. Nothing seems to be coming up :confused:
Below are the screenshots.
The first one when I click on Tasks
and the second one when I enter search text and click search


Hi @RKumar_PwC2,
Could you try one more thing please -
If you go to the Task --> Results page. Next to processing, there is a blue events icon. Please click on that and send us the logs.



Hi @pooja
I could not find the log file. There ware an excel file which unfortunately I am not able to upload.
However, below is the screen shot for the same. It has all the things which are there in the excel sheet.


Hi @pooja, @azinchuk,
Any hitns are appreciated!!! Stuck on this one since y’day.


This is fine - @RKumar_PwC2 looks like the task posted correctly. I have used your task package on my end and everything works as expected. Couple of things we can try:

  1. Do you mind sending me your input file? This is unlikely to be an issue but I want to make sure just in case
  2. Have you tried to stop these current tasks and run them again (using Actions --> Copy with Data --> Run) What happens in this case?


Hi @pooja,

  1. I have attached the input file as requested.
    People.csv (1.6 KB)
  2. Did as you said. Does not seems to be working.



  1. Please tell us what version of RPA Express are you using. RPA Recorder > Help > About:
  2. Check the Troubleshooting guide (section about the hosts file) - https://kb.workfusion.com/display/RPAe/Troubleshooting
  3. The name of the input file column should match the data element you are using (your input file column name is capitalized)


Hi @azinchuk,

  1. Below is the snapshot mentioning version.
  2. Looks like the host name was already there when I opened the fine.
  3. Changed the name to match it and recreated a manual task. No avail. Below is the package for reference:
    Features in an image 14-4-2017.zip (7.0 KB)


I have a query, could this be related to a specific role.
Currently I am using workfusion as username and password to log into the workspace.
Am I suppose to use anything else?