Unable to write data back from website to same excel sheet :/

Hi, you guys so far have helped me in developing a bot as this software is new & its hard to find some answers on net, but due to this strong community here I’m able to survive. So thanks all for replying & especially @ashapkina !!

Now, after a long days of try , I’m stuck at something which is reading the data from browser & pasting on the same excel.

Program details:-

  1. First we read the data from excel …then open website & put up for each loops to enter details from each element in excel… working fine
    2.using switch actions & while loop so the program keeps continue(running) everytime it finds a blank row in excel. Previous rows were put up on the website to generate bill… working fine

  2. Final step is to get that generated bill from the web into the same or new excel… need help !!

@pankaj858 could you share your recording (without any sensitive data) to see the details, especially how “billno” and “table” variables are formed that are used to fill in the file at the end?

Thank you.

Hey, but first … I need this done… its like I have 2 rows in excel. & everytime program finds the third row empty it goes in while loop… seems good so far as it waits for excel to update & keep repeating but,

  1. I need to add the third row to excel while putting the program on wait in the while loop so it can refresh & get the third row from updated excel. Its not working for me .

please solve the above

@pankaj858 can you check if the column is empty at the beginning of the recording, before you open the website?
Or do you get the data from the website and then put it in Excel?

@pankaj858 what does the While loop check? What data does “element” contain?


@ashapkinap1p2p3p4 I’m facing a problem with excel & while loop…

My task is to collect the data from excel & then pasting each rows one by one onto the website. This is working good for me.
what I want is …
2. right now I’m taking two rows from excel & from third row its empty. My bot is able to paste data one by one onto the web for upto two rows. But I want the program so that it keeps running & checking for third row from excel, so it never stops whenever an empty cell is there.

For example, if suppose I fill up the third row or update remaining excel by myself while the program is done finishing first two rows. I want the third one to execute now & want the while loop to stop once the empty cells are filled as it keeps looping & waiting currently. I want the program to continue from for each loop just like it worked for first two rows whenever the new excel row is there.
Hope, screenshots will help :slight_smile:

@DesertEagle @pankaj858 the variable “element” exists only within the For Each loop, and you cannot use it outside of the loop.

While action in your script is outside For Each loop, so it cannot use variable “element”.
In the action above, in checks whether the word “element” contains the word “items”, and it is always false.


Stuck with this since almost a week now, no resources available aswell :confused: & did you mean this?

I want the bot to keep looping whenever the cell is empty & keep continuing whenever the excel’s row is filled everytime. @ashapkina @azinchuk @vitaly_pustoZi @timriewe

@DesertEagle from what I could understand from the screenshots above, you should check if the row is empty at the beginning of the script, then update the file, read it again when you know you have all required data in the file, and then insert the data on the website

DEAR, this is giving me error …

its not I’m gonna always pick the third row …its like whenever the cell is empty, it should go in loop & wait until the excel is updated & when we have a new cell value then it goes into same for each path

@DesertEagle if you need to check each cell, don’t use the filer in the 2nd For Each loop.

its stuck in the while loop I did as you said :confused:

@DesertEagle do you fill in all the blank cells manually during the Wait and save the file?

yes, we did,

  1. can you please make a dummy ? Lets say create a small excel along with two rows with data in it & leave from third cell the excel empty.

  2. then find some website & do the same paste operations using for each or whichever method suits you.

  3. once it reaches empty cell, it will wait & keep looping until we fill in the empty cell values & it continues again pasting.


Hi, @ashapkina

I’m also facing this problem, I can’t able to update excel data.
I’m giving you an example;

  1. I have a student signup form
  2. In excel I have 3 records of students like as you can see in the file attached.
  3. While I’m running the program & submitted these 3 student records after submitting I want to check my excel if new records are available or not. & going back to excel & adding 2 more records so in total I have 5 records.
  4. Problem is, these 2 new records can’t be able to submit because excel is not updated.
  5. So please can you tell me how to fetch these new records whenever I’m adding new records to excel so it gets automatically updated every time.
    6.When every record is submitted program will find if a new row is available or not.

So after you add data to Excel, do you want the bot to read only the rows that were added and ignore the rows that were already used?

ignore the rows that were already used, and for next time bot go to excel and check new row is inserted or not?

@pankaj858 the approach when you update the excel file during script execution is not reliable.

It is better to add all required information to the file before execution. After the bot has processed it, you can delete the processed records and add new ones. This way you will make sure that the bot doesn’t process the same records again and uses new data each time you run it.

Additionally, you can add actions at the end of the recording to open Excel file, delete all records (using keystrokes or mouse clicks) and save the file so you know there are no old records there.

Dear, please come up with a fix as what we are working on is something available on other rpa tools but not on this :confused: . By looks this software is super easy but by logics it makes everyone think thrice so so different stuff.