Understanding error messages in WorkFusion Studio

If your recording fails when you run it in WorkFusion Studio, the main source of information about what has gone wrong is the error message.

Here is some advice that will help to understand what has caused the error and solve it faster.

How to understand the error

If your recording has failed when running in the Studio, the pop-up window will tell you what action the bot hasn’t been able and perform. It contains the title of the action and its number in the Actions Flow.

Press Details>> to see the full message.
It will open the error message text with stack trace information.

There is no need to read the whole text. Instead, look for the phrase Caused by: in the text – it will have the reason for the error.

As you can see, in the example above, the bot couldn’t perform a Mouse click action because it couldn’t find the image it had to click on. The solution is to re-capture a correct image for the action.

How to search for the solution

The error message will point you what action you need to change to avoid the error, and how.
If you don’t know how to do it, or if it doesn’t work, try searching for a solution on the Forum.
When searching, use the text of the error you get, such as “Image not found” above.

If there is no solution to your issue, create a new topic. Include the description of the error you get, screenshots of your recording, and RPA logs.

How to find logs

All information about your scripts execution is recorded in the RPA logs (default location: C:\RPAExpress\RPA\logs).
Zip them and attach to your post - it will help to understand the issue faster.