Undestanding what bot/hub/node are



I installed RPAe in my desktop for some test, and I have some questions related to RPA hub/bot/nodes (they appear in the deployment diagrams):
- How can I create more than one node? In bot manager section I only see one (localhost), and I haven’t been able to create more. Maybe they create by themselves when I run a few processes which have bot tasks? Or maybe I can only have one node because my laptop?
- Can each of the records be processed simultaneously by different nodes?

To clarify, is the connection between hub/bot/node the following?
(this situation can occur at the same time):
Process recorded 1 (with bot tasks) -> RPA HUB -> node1
Process recorded 2 (with bot tasks) -> RPA HUB -> node2

Any definition/explanation about what they are, is welcome and appreciated.


@Luna_Fidalgo_Manchon - in the RPA Express, you have one Bot Manager which consists of RPA Hub and Node. You cannot have multiple Nodes.

If you need to create a scalable RPA solution with multiple RPA Nodes, you need to use the WorkFusion SPA (Smart Process Automation) product. To request a demo or POC, contact rpaexpress@workfusion.com


Hi ,

Within RPA Express I did not find any Bot Manager. Please guide.

Runa Pal


@Runa_Pal - see https://kb.workfusion.com/display/RPAe/Platform+Monitor