Undo deleted script

I was trying to move code lines from within a loop structure to outside the loop. I clicked delete on my WHILE line, which I soon realized is a root for all the looping code. The next surprise was CTRL+Z (undo) does not work. There were a lot of lines of code. There seems to be no intuitive way to get this back. I saw someone suggest looking at “Local history” when you right click on the rpae file but it was empty. Please advise.

Hi @brian_joseph are you sure there are no previous versions saved in the local history?


I had already tried that per another post. It was empty.

If ctrl+z doesn’t work and there is no history saved, you cannot restore a previous version.

Is there a reason why history would not be saved. I tried this very shortly after deleting the code. I had saved a backup to an online drive and tried to copy it and I got some out of sync error. What does that mean? How can I avoid this from happening without relying on Local history? Is there some sort of facility being built where a simple undo can backtrack several steps in future versions?

It is weird that the history wasn’t saved. Could you share a screenshot of the error you get?

You can create a backup of certain recordings or of the whole rpae-project by exporting it to another location (right click - export - general - file system).