Unexpected output when BOT is exported to XML format

HI Alesia,

I have created one BOT.

I am using a custom script to subtract 1 month from today’s date, and it is working fine under this screen.
It is giving me a desired output i.e Sept 2019.

As I export the BOT task to XML File the BOT is returning me OCT 2019 which is incorrect.
I am just exporting the BOT task and the output date is coming incorrect.

I am taking Date1 as an input.
Date1 --> datetime variable

Date2 will be output after running the script to subtract 1 month from Date 1( current date )
Finaldate is i am using Date format to convert Date 2 into mmm yyy format.

What version of RPA Express do you use?

We are using Version 2.0 Beta

It might be a bug with Custom Action that was fixed in this release, when the action was executed at the end of the script

Sure Alesia , we will download the latest version of RPA and will run that…
Thanks for your advise…

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