Unhandled modal pop problem

When i click on submit button . The pop-up( alert appears manually but using rpa dialog box open up) appears , so i have used keystroke (Enter Keyword) to handle it .
But after that the whole process stops as it gives me this error
unhandledalertexception modal dialog
I am using 1.1.8 version.
Let me know how to ignore this error so that remaining steps can be executed.

Mehar, in this case you can use exception handling action and place the steps that generate an exception in the Try to complete block, and the following steps in the If an exception occurred block.
Please let me know if this doesn’t work for you.

Hi, I encountered similar problem.

I have simple script that click on the button (with xpath) which prompt alert. As per suggestion, i put the click action inside “Try to complete” block and enter keystroke inside “If an exception occured” block. However, whatever subsequent action related to xpath will be failed with message “no such element”. This xpath is exist in the page because i tested deactivate the click button (prompt alert) then it finished successfully.

I’m using version 2.2.1 (i also encountered this issue in version 2.1). Is there anything i missed out? is there any workaround beside using click based on the image?

Hi @evaleonardi can you share your recording?

trial.zip (870 Bytes)

You may refer to the attachment. It is simple dummy script that i made to test the behavior. It is reflecting the scenario that i want to implement in the actual script.