Unreilable mouse click / drag actions

I’m running RPA Express version 2.0.1 on Windows Server 2016. I’ve had to give up on mouse actions almost entirely, and wondering if other people have had the same experience. Image targeting has been generally unreliable–I was seeing a +20% failure rate on my runs due to misclicks. Even Window objects have been an issue: on one bot, a click action on a named Excel spreadsheet cell would miss the cell around 10% of the time, and a drag down a column from named cell to named cell would either overshoot or undershoot the desired selection range around 5% of the time. This is playing the automation from the macro recorder, with no other activity taking place on the RPA server.

I’ve pretty much had to give up on mouse clicks, resorting to a Rube Goldberg collection of , , and various hotkeys which makes it challenging to understand and troubleshoot a macro recording. For the clicks and drags I haven’t been able to eliminate, I cringe every time I see one execute.

It would be great if the accuracy of the mouse actions could be improved to the point where they could be relied upon for enterprise-level applications.


Hi @sbeauchem

For image actions, try increasing image detection threshold in RPA Recorder preferences.

Would it be possible to provide a part of the recording with the clicks on objects that fail? We’ll test and fix the issues if they weren’t fixed already in the later releases.