Unsupported actions for unattended operations?

Is there a list somewhere of actions that aren’t supported when a business process is running in an unattended state? I know click actions are problematic—any others? I’d like to be able to run business processes off of Control Tower without having to have a continuous Remote Desktop Connection, and it’d be great to understand what is/is not supported so that I spend time figuring out workarounds instead going thru a bunch of trial and error to figure out what’s supported.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @sbeauchem what do you mean by unattended - when the pc can go to sleep or get locket?
In this case any actions that require interactions with UI will fail (mouse actions with images and window controls, ocr, some keystrokes, window actions).
Actions that are executed without interaction with UI should work (Excel, web actions, some keystrokes, files and folders, all actions related to data manipulation (text, variables)).

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Thanks for the clarifications. Very useful.

I’m wondering if there are recommendations / best practices regarding scaling an RPA environment. If I have to have a display / remote session always connected to every RPA server executing UI interactions, it increases the infrastructure and security complexity to operate. How are other enterprises managing scalability? Are there partner/complementary technologies that simplify the requirement of maintaining multiple active remote sessions? How are organizations handling code management / QA / deployment in an RPA environment supporting multiple business functions / developers / processes?