Unusable, slows down whole system, hanging, freezing, etc



Today i have installed Workfusion Sunbird… Anyway it slows down the system and i didnt even started the recording. Second try with recording was useless. The WF was freezing. It is eating big amounts of memory… is it ok or is this some issue on my system? Please see attached picture.
I have Core i5 8Gb of Memory. using 3screens… intern NB full HD, 2K monitor and next monitor in Pivot mode FullHD.
Could this be only the first run initialization?


Hi @Pavel_Kral

Can you please share more details around your setup?
We have built in functionality to send full report and logs described at https://kb.workfusion.com/display/RPAe/Troubleshooting#Troubleshooting-ControlTowerlogs
Please take a minute to do so. You can also post it here as a private message if that is more convenient.

Please also manually add information about anti virus used (the report does not capture that automatically).

This information will help us to help you address any potential specifics of the environment.


@Pavel_Kral - please download the latest release 1.1.0 - which has an on-demand start of Control Tower and OCR.