Update key and/or value in secret vault from an variable?

I’ve encountered an interesting idea with secret vault.
I’m using the secret vault for username and password for 5 different instances to login on a website.
We need to update our password for the website about every 90 days, is there any chance to update the key or value in the actions flow?

For example to get the value and/or key for an Alias in secret vault and save it in a variable (“abcde1”) and when I logon the website a message appears that the password needs to change, then I change it to (abcde2) and then send the new key and/or value back to a specific alias?

Is it possible at all?

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Hi, @jockej I get your point. But in this case, you will need to use the password as plain text somewhere in the script, which is against the purpose of Secret Vault. It was created specifically so the text that is stored in the records will not be seen anywhere in the script or logs.

You can create the logic you have described above only with String variables.


@ashapkina Ok, thanks for your response

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