Updating / available software sites

Where should I point this option to enable updates? Any estimate on how often there will be new releases?

Hi @AVirta_F

We currently release updates from WorkFusion’s website thru downloadable installer package. This means you do not need to use eclipse update site.
We please updates ~ once a month.

when will be the next release and how users will get the update? thank you!

We plan next one to be available in May. Please also stay close to forum as we will be announcing new version here as well.

@mabramchik has the update been released yet? I’m having an issue as per below:

Hi Nico, are you trying to update RPA Express from the Studio? This option is not available.
In order to download the new RPA Express version, use the link that was sent to you when you registered on our website.
Let me know if you have any issues with that.

Hi ashapkina,

This version of RPA Express gives me a notice that my workspace licence will expire in 30 days. How do I renew or extend the licence?


Hi @nico_makgato, this notice relates to the Pro license only.
You will still have access to the free version of RPA express after the license expires (read more here).

If you want to purchase a Pro subscription, you can fill in the form on our website, and the sales team will contact you.

Thank you for the prompt response and guidance.


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