Upload images on a website one by one


I’m trying to upload images one by one on a website link in order to read its content since ocr fails to read it properly because the images are of poor quality. Currently, I’m using XPaths to open a website then click on browse, then I have an excel with image names, when I click on browse I’m trying to search for image name then click OK so it can be uploaded, however that fails to execute.

Hello @trisha
I think you can try to get values from excel to the table variable. Then perform “For each” image in the table the needed actions.
Could you please clarify what exception do you get? Maybe you can share you .rpae recording and screenshot of your actions flow? And give some more details


The image name is on an excel, i need to prompt the bot to click browse on the website , when it does that it needs to type the file name from the excel in order to be uploaded.

the problem is it fails to select the images to be uploaded.

@trisha foes it not type the path to the image in the window?
You need to switch to the window first using Window action.

it does type the wrong path,( shorter version).

According to your action flow above, it types the value that is stored in the list “filepath” - check what value is stored there. Also, make sure the bot switches to the window using Window action before typing.