Use case doubt - OCR


This action requires me to associate the field on the left with the right field on the right.
Is it possible to automatize this action with RPA express? The only solution I see is by capturing one field with the OCR and use the IF/Else action to find the field that matches. Is it possible to do this?


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Hi @goncalo_vascbE
It looks like it is a web application you are using with Papersoft. Have you tried doing the process with web actions in RPAx?
Open the URL and then use web element actions (Get and Set values) for each of the fields. you should be able to identify them with their Xpaths.

Yes that could be an option, I’ll explore it today and give feedback.

Thank you

I can’t extract a XPath for a unique value of the dropdown.

So I guess using web elements to get a single value for one column and set the right value on the other column is not an option.

Any other suggestions? :sweat_smile:

Check out this one, maybe it helps:

And if not, @ashapkina always has good ideas and can probably give you a good hint about which xpath to use

Yes that approach worked with that speciefic dropdown from amazon.

In this application I’m unable to extract xpath from a single value in the dropdown.

Have you tried using any of the suggested ones? Even if they don’t have a green tick they could work.

Actually it does, I’m such a newbie.

Thanks Tim

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It’s also worth looking in Google Chrome to see if it can generate more xpaths - it often is more specific than Firefox.

  • Open webpage
  • Right click on element - “inspect”
  • As you move up and down the “elements” window they show on the page what they relate to. If you find the right one then right click on the “element” - “Copy” - “Copy Xpath”

Screenshot here:

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Yes I know. I was using Chrome in the beginning but the XPaths were giving me a lot of errors while executing the recording.

The errors stopped when I started using Firefox.

So, as the video in the first post demonstrates, the fields on the second column have to be equal to the ones in the first.
The picture below shows how I tried to do:

  • Get the 2 values into variables from the web elements;
  • Then use the IF/Else option to verify if both variables coincide;
  • If they don’t, iterate through the second column with the While loop until both variables coincide, and select it.
  • If both fields coincide, take a print screen to show me the result.

My action flow might be a big mess, but I think the main problem is that the second variable is fixed on the first value and it doesn’t change with the loop. The 32 step would be the Xpath with the new variable, but I don’t see how to do it.

Any sugestions?

Thank you!

Hi @goncalo_vascbE
I know we have been trying to do it with the xpaths but I just thought of a (maybe) simpler approach. Can you simply tab through the fields and copy-paste values?

Tab into first field and copy value
Tab into second field and paste value
Tab into third field (=first coloumn, second row) and copy value
Tab into fourth field and paste value

It would be great if that was possible, eheh. Unfortunately, the dropdown only allows me to select values, copy paste doesn’t work.

What about arranging the fields in the csv file before you upload it so they already come up in the right sequence and you don’t need to do the mapping in that screen any more?

I thought about that, it might be the easiest solution for this