Use of drop down list to search and select the right option by itself



How to create a code for copying information from excel and using drop down list in the appliaction to search it and select?
Please any leads would be helpful

How to select an option from drop down
Setting value for drop down

It depends how the drop down reacts. Normally when you type an allowed value into the field and press enter it should work.
If not, store the value from excel into a variable, use mouseclick for opening the dropdown and then mouseclick for selecting the right value (the image of the value) depending on tue value of the variable.
If value a then click a
If value b then click b


Here is a different way I do this for more reliability than image finding in cases that you can get the values of the dropdown by xPath:

  1. Read required parameter from excel
  2. Read all drop down values into a list using xPath
  3. Count size of list
  4. keyboard action click to top of dropdown (max ‘size_of_list’ times)
  5. Use regex to match required parameter with list position, set counter to found position (while found=false, count++, etc)
  6. keyboard action down ‘counter’ times to the required selection
  7. Press enter

If possible to get the list options by xPath this is the most reliable way I find.