Use of Excel file in Control Tower

How do I read Excel file in Control tower, if Excel file is on local machine. I have uploaded file on One drive and try to access it but it fails. Even I have given my directory path again it fails.
It is giving following error :

Step name ’ ’ has failed. Reason: ‘[urn:uuid:2D14218F766721EC25155107132665813] robotics-flow executePlugin exception: [nodeId=] Error executing OpenSpreadsheetAction[id=8,name=Optional[OpenSpreadsheetAction],parent=-1,nextSibling=11,children=[9, 10],arguments=ActionArguments[delay=[1000],timeoutMs=[10000],filePath=[${excel_file_path}],xsi:type=[recorder:OpenSpreadsheetAction, recorder:OpenSpreadsheetAction],pollingInterval=[300],active=[true],awaitTimeout=[5000]]]’

Hi @pbhandari can you share the whole error text? Also, what path to the excel file do you use?

Hi @ashapkina , this is the complete error text which I have shared with you. This has been taken from Control Tower’s Event Log.
I have given Excel path of my local directory but it fails. Also I tried giving file path of One Drive, it again fails.
Please let me know which path should I give.

Please help.

Is the business process running on Control Tower executed on your local machine or on a remote machine?

In the Business process, you can export the error log into Excel. Can you do it and share it here?
The message above contains only a part of the error text, so it’s not clear what causes the issue.

Thanks @ashapkina, I have resolved the issue by giving Local directory Excel file path as Input data in control Tower.

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