Use of Variables

A beautiful day to all,
I have an idea and I would like to check it with you.
I needed to use 3 or more variables and they should be interconnected, for example: if you use cell a1, I would like to use cells c1, d1, e1, f1, but also needed when I finished the scheduled tasks, go back to the cell below and did the same tasks.
I have already tried using the “While” and “For each” unless I have used them wrong.

Any idea how to do it?

Thank you very much in advance

Hi @afellippe so you need to work with some cells when the business process is run for the first time (using scheduler), and when it runs for a second time (another schedule starts) it should work with different cells?

My idea would be more or less that.

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@afellippe when the business process starts it doesn’t have information about the previous runs, so you cannot directly do it.

But this workaround might work for you:

  • define the number of the cell through a variable (“counter”, for example)
  • store the initial value of the variable in an external source
  • at the beginning of the recording, read the value from the source file so the bot knows with which cell to start
  • at the very ends, rewrite the initial value in the source file with the new value so next time the bot starts working with new cells

I hope it will help you.

Here is a sample recording (made in RPA Express 2.1.2)
counter-test.rar (23.7 KB)