Use Output from Manual Task in Next Recording




I have a business process that requires the output from a manual task to be used in the next step of the process. I do not know how to reference this output because the task stores the data in a column called “1” and I am not able to create a variable or reference a variable named “1” in the recorder:

Is there a way to use the manual task output in RPA Express?


Hello @kyle_peterson!
The final result of a manual task - a data file - can be exported and used as an input file for another Task in a Business Process.You can read more about manual tasks here:



Hi @kyle_peterson,

Please name the output column same as the recorder variable. For example, manual_result. This name is configured in the answer options - answer unique code.

You also can create a recording in RPA Recorder using the same variable name - manual_result. This variable can have some default test value. You need to publish the recording to Control Tower as a business process and connect the bot step with existing manual step. As a result, when bp is running, the manual task result will be passed to the bot step as input data, because of the same variable name - manual_result.

This link may be helpful: Combine two recorder scripts



Thanks Nataliya, Ivan, for your responses.

I was able to pass the value by changing the unique code in the answer options.



I face the same problem even though i followed all the steps.


Hello, what are the login credential to access the page ? I tried the workfusion default login (workfusion - workfusion) and doesn’t work. I tried the automation academy credentials and doesn’t work.