Use string contains to check for specific words inside for each loop

Hi everyone!
I am doing an automation which requires open each file in a folder and check if any files contains specific words (let’s say two words), if any files contains both words, will open the notepad and write “matched” and then check for the next file in the folder.
I am using “string contains” to check, however, I am not going the result correct. Anyone knows is there anything wrong with my loop or string contains? Thanks in advance!

Hi @dirtygreenppt, the function for your reference.

Hi Shawn, thank you for the help.
I’ve tried the “constant value” method in the post you attached but it does not seem to work with string contains function (I left the “option” part empty), and it was not able to check if the string contains specific words correctly. Wonder do you have any suggestions for this? :slight_smile:

Could you share the request and sample file?

test2.rar (1.3 KB) Job requirements.xlsx (16.3 KB)
hey, do you mean the rpae file?