Use sub flows (like procedures) in robot workflow

Is it possible in RPA Express to launch sub flow (like procedures/ / function)? I know there are Groups that can be copied into several locations of a workflow, but this does not solve my problem. I’m looking for something that can be built once and then used in several places. For example standard procedures for timeout handling that returns to a specific place in a workflow depending on the timeout input and/or output.


We’re planning to add this feature in 2018 Q1.

Hi Ashapkina,

I can see the component in the Contro Tower but cannot figure out how it’s actually working - do you have a small video clip or explanation?

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Michael Callisen

We haven’t introduced the feature @marcin.kubica mentioned in the Studio.

I believe what you ask about is re-using bot tasks in many processes in Control Tower.
Once you publish a recording to Control Tower, you can use it in several processes.

You can see a video and read a guide about it in the knowledge base