Use WorkFusion RPA Express

Can use use WorkFusion RPA Express on production server?

What are limitations of WorkFusion RPA Express ?

I designed one bot into WorkFusion RPA Express. Now I want to deploy or run this bot 24x7 on individual machine or Server. Can I use WorkFusion RPA Express on production server?

And how many bots can I deploy with WorkFusion RPA Express edition ?

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Hi @vverma

Yes, if you want you can use RPA Express in production - we do not prohibit that.

The number of bots you can deploy depends on the version of RPA Express that you are using:

  • if you use free RPA Express version, you can deploy only 1 bot

  • if you use RPA Express Pro, you can deploy up to 16 concurrent bots on your server

You can read more about the differences on these two versions here:

What is the cost of RPA Express Pro and you providing any discount for non-profit organization, Developer community, Enterprise who earning less then $10000 etc.

And trial version of RPA Express Pro is available ?

You talking about 1 bot or run 1 bot Concurrent bots.

In following link mentioned that we can run 1 concurrent bots only.

30 day trial of RPA Express Pro starts right when you install RPA Express. During these 30 days, you can use Pro feature. You can contact our team at - they will consult you about the pricing, licensing and all related questions based on your use-case and deployment requirements.

If you have a non-server operating system, you can only install and run 1 bot.

If you have a server operating system, you can install several bots. Bit if you don’t have an RPA Express Pro license on the server, you will be able to use only 1 bot at a time, so you will not be able to run several workflows simultaneously or execute 1 workflow on several bots in parallel.