User input as variables


Im trying to create a bot that will take input from a user like item name, model #, price range, etc… and take as variables the bot can use to perform a search online.
I have created the bot with fixed variables in RPA recorder and the bot works perfectly, I would like to know if there is a way to prompt the user with a short form or questionnaire?


Have you thought about using a google form to design the input and then collect the result from the spreadsheet?

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Thanks Bonnero,
I dont understand the capabilities of control tower very well at the moment and I thought maybe a manual task would create a prompt.
A google form is actually a good idea. Would I point the bot at whatever the last entry on the sheet is or is there a way for the user to give the bot the URL of their own form/sheet?

I usually just point the bot at the last entry in the sheet but you need to give a little thought to make sure that you don’t miss any entries because of multiple entries to the form, each of which should be captured by bot.

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Thanks. I understand what you are saying.
I dont know how to implement this in control tower yet but hopefully, the WorkFusion team does release some additional training on it this week.