User input to run a bot


Is it possible to have a bot run in response to/based on user input?


@Brent_Frazier2 - thanks for your feature request - please add more details about the use case you are automating.


Hello Sasha,

Please forgive me if I’m unable to clearly articulate what my goal is. I will do my best and hopefully we can flesh out exactly what I’m aiming to accomplish.

I have several functions that I would like to try and automate, but initially I would like to have a bot send an e-mail to my client referencing a specific matter that we are working on for them. I work for a law firm and when we perform actions on our clients behalf we send reporting e-mails indicating the matter in which the action was taken, and details of the specific matter. I would like to be able to instruct the bot to send such an e-mail based on me providing the matter number and possibly the name of the e-mail template that I provide.

Thank you for getting back to me. Please let me know if you’d like additional details.

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@Brent_Frazier2 - thanks for the details. This functionality is not available now.

Please vote for this feature to help us prioritize it.