Using a "Variable" value for executing a .exe and.msi files



I have the scenario where I have to perform/test the installation wizard for a specific Application - 32Bit as well as 64Bit. These 32Bit and 64Bit installers come in the format of a “.msi” windows application, but the name of the file(s) sometimes vary (for many reasons).

I was wondering if it would be possible to add a feature where you can assign this “.msi” file to a variable? In this way, if the name of the .msi file name changes, I can change only the variable’s value once instead of changing the name of the .msi file in 20 different places etc…

Would something like this be possible to add? Instead of specifying the .exe or .msi file to execute, assign it to a variable. If need be, change the variable’s value only instead of changing each step where I need to execute this .exe or.msi file?


Cobus Griesel



Sure you can - see