Using Chrome Window created in previous bot task

Hi, is it possible to use an existing Chrome window created with a bot in the previous step and continue with the flow?

For example:

  1. The first bot open Chrome, search ‘’ URL, and logs in.

  2. The second bot reads information from an existing Data Store.

  3. The last bot uses the Chrome window created in step 1 and creates invoices with step 2 information.

Thank u in advance!

Hi @mgutierrez The bot closes the browser at the end of the bot task, so you cannot implement the process this way.
Why don’t you move the logging in part to the 3rd step? So the bot will get data from the datastore and then log into Invoiceplane and create invoices?

Hi Alesia,

The main idea is to create a few bots with generic behaviour to use them in different workflows. For example, I need to automate the download of several reports in different paths allocated in a common URL, so I want to create:

  • A “joker” bot with all the common steps from all the workflows (for example, open the common URL and log in).
  • Specific bots with the rest of the steps to complete the task (in our example, each bot has its own path).

I do not want to have to duplicate code in several bots. If this is possible, please, could you tell me the right way to do it?


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Unfortunately, you cannot implement it this way.
The bot closes the web browser session at the end of each bot task, so you need to have the actions to start the session in each bot task, too. So you will need to open the website (log in) in the same bot task where you’ll interact with the page.