Using excel actions when launching excel through "Launch Application" action

Hi, the process I’m building requires me to open a new excel file every time the process begins. Since its a new/blanc file, I am forced to use the Launch Application Action to open it instead of Open spreadsheet, and so I can’t use the Excel actions which would really be useful for the process.

Am I wrong, or is there a solution for this problem?

Thank you

How about using the create file action before opening the excel? Use a variable for the filename and add a counter to that variable.
For example

Then use that same variable for opening the Excel.

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Create File action can currently create only text files, so it will not be possible to open it using Open Spreadsheet action.
However, you could create a blank spreadsheet that you can open at the beginning of the process, save it as a new spreadsheet, and then open this new file and perform Excel actions there, using variables for file names as Tim mentioned.

Thank you both.

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One more newbie question:
I know Open Spreadsheet action should contain other excel actions as it children. But that makes the range of actions very limited.
Since it runs in background, Mouse clicks and Keystrokes don’t work work right?


Yes, that is correct.
You cannot use mouse and keystrokes actions under Open spreadsheet.