Using "Get Cell value action" in a column use a function calculated based on another column

I use “Get Cell value” action under Excel and it doesn’t get any value in any cell calculated using function

ex: In Excel A2=5 and B2=7 C2=Sum(A2,B2) so C2 should be 7
if i use Get cell value action and put it in a variable and show this value in notepad
it will be empty
can anyone help?


There are lots of help topics on this if you search on the forum. In summary - the task is not as straightforward as you might hope as the contents of a cell are both the formula (ie =A1+ B1) and the answer (5). You have two main options that work reliably:

  • Make a temporary copy of a sheet using “Paste - Special - Values” in excel which has no formulas and process from there (I do this if there are many variables in formulas that need to be copied)
  • Use the process below for copying one or two variables :- use background action to position active cell then use clipboard to retrieve the value.

Here is a working example for A1 = 2, B1 = 3, C1 = A1+B1

Don’t forget to put quotation marks around the file path: “c:\….file path” when opening.