Using global variables in control tower

Hi - I am using control tower to run a recording multiple times to login to the same website to update data from a file. I don’t want to store the password in the file, or ideally in the recording - is there a way of using a global variable to hold the password and pass to the business process each time?

You can export to bot task and then modify a bit to use secure store.

Please refer to

those pages required to login but I don’t have account.
Could you guide me how to register an account or anyway for accessing that pages


Note that RPA Express is a free product and its space is publicly open -
You can also explore the WorkFusion SPA release notes -

Other documentation spaces are available only for customers and partners.

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seems like those links are out of date, the web said “Page not found”. Please help!

@Quy_Huynh_Thanh - fixed the links - you can check now

Can you perhaps post a few screen with how this will be done in rpa express?

figured it out thanks