Using OCR for reading PDF



Could you please let us know how to use the feature of OCR for reading non-editable PDF?

OCR loop through pdf files

In RPA Express, you can OCR only images, PDF files are not supported as input.

But you can open DPF pages one by one and OCR them using the OCR action in Recorder


Thanks for the response,

Can you please share an example, lets suppose if I have 5 pages PDF, how to open one page by page and using OCR function?



it depends on your PDF viewer. you can open next page by pressing SPACE, PageDown, DOWN, etc.



IS it worth buying the paid version for this? Does this functionality exist in paid version of RPA?


surely, the paid version has more input/output formats for OCR, pattern training, cache support.

You can contact to get more in for about WorkFusion SPA.


pls. send the link to down load latest RPA express which can use to read PDF


If you search the forum a little bit you will find plenty of topics saying it is the same link as the one you received initially when you registered.
Hope this helps


I have more than 10000 pdfs which are alike .I need to extract data from these pdf ,and i am able to do opening one file at a time and extarct data .I want to use know how to use the inofrmation extraction tool and i dont want to use Invoice plane .
can you suggest me a best practice?


Hi @qutubuddin_mgR
I moved your post to an existing topic on this issue. You can find useful information in the posts above.