Using REST API to get status of a business process


I’m currently trying out the API and using v2/workfusion/task/{uuid} to get information from a business process. I have learned from other submissions that the UUID must be of the specific instance and not the business process itself.

We have business processes scheduled at regular intervals and would like to be able to get its information. I don’t think that copy-pasting UUIDs from control tower would be wise.

Is there a way for me to determine the UUID of the latest running instance of that business process?


Best solution I can think of so far is to store the task UUID in a datastore as well as the date of execution. Then you can get the information using REST API to datastore ([10.0]+Data+Store+REST+API).

tldr: store execution UUID in datastore; Use REST to get most recent UUID from datastore; use another REST using this UUID to get information about your execution.

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