Using table variables



Hi all,

I am working on a simple example of using table variables. I prepared data as following:

I tried to writte values from 2 column from the table to Notepad. I was using loop action for each item and enter keystrokes.

Therefore I was received following error from the system:

Could you please help?


hi @mlaszczynska, thanks for your feedback,

Could you please send screenshots of the For Each and Enter Keystrokes actions?

Your second screenshot shows that Polish language is enabled - current RPA Recorder version supports only English language. This will be fixed in the next version.

Known issues are listed here -


For each




  1. You need to use the item variable in the Enter Keystrokes - because it will represent current item in the table

  2. You also need to specify index because when you iterate over a table, each time the item variable contains a current table row.

See the For Each reference here -


@mlaszczynska, please drop us a line if the solution was helpful.


Hi again :slight_smile: It working , thank you for your help. I think it will be more cleare for the user if you will explained it in Knowledge base on an example.

My suggestion:

Case study: write date from 2nd column from table variables.

Table variables example

For Each

Enter Keystrokes