Using WorkFusion RPA Express to log in automatically


Is it possible to replicate an authentication action with WorkFusion?

For instance, If I want a bot to automatically Log In using a specific username and password, is it possible? And what’s the best way to do it? Copy&paste the user and pass from a notepad?

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Secure storage is the best approach.
Secure storage object contains 3 properties, key, value and last update.
You can use this object to comply with your use case.

You can use secure storage to store anything that is confidential.
More info:

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Thanks for the answer!

I don’t have an account to that website you sent me, and there’s not option to create an account.

Can you help me with this?

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Which Workfusion tool are you using, RPA Express or Smart Process Automation?


Hi Alesia,

Thank you. I am using RPA Express.

You can store the login and password in the variables and use keystrokes actions (if you log into a desktop application ) or xpaths (if you log into a web application) to input them.

Thanks Alesia

That’s also a solution but I want to keep it as confidential and secure as possible.

Then you can store the login and password in a file as you wrote in the original post, and the bot will read it in every recording execution.

We have a password vault @daniel_sa mentioned above, but it currently works only with our SPA solution, and there is no option to use it in RPA Express.

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Oh I wasn’t aware of that. Thank you so much for your help.

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We are using Excel file to store username/passwords. We have recordings where logging has done more than hundred times to different websites, all logins made with different username/passwd.

In one website passwords changes in every login. Password has to check from key/value list. This is also done with Excel file.


Hi every one …

Is it possible to enter the user name and password manually while run the script.

Yes, you can add a Wait action and insert the username and password during it, as long as they are entered on the same page.

except wait action is there any way to do that.

Do you need to insert it on a web page?

yes, i want to enter manually and login into the page.

Then it cannot be dome via Manual task as the page will need to be open.

You might also try to use Wait for Image action in a While loop, so it will wait for the image with login and password fields filled in and once it finds it will go on with the script.

Actually i want to do, after open the web page system should display the message enter user name and password after user enter user name and pass word the execution will go on with the script.

Is it possible.

I cannot come with any solution other than the ones I have proposed above.
Is there a reason a bot cannot fill in the login and password?

Thank you.

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Hi @ashapkina but this is not working in my case…i have set wait option and in between waiting time if i change the value stored in the variable,the script is skipping that and comes to the end of the action flow.