V1.1.2 Installation failure



I used RPAx version 1.1.1 and wanted to update to 1.1.2.
Uninstalled the 1.1.1 and launched the 1.1.2 installer.
After few minutes it stops with a error:

I attach the log.
Any idea whats wrong?
WorkFusion_RPA_Express_20170619190731.log (13.9 KB)


try to extract the installation package content once again and re-launch the installation

If you have any anti-virus installed and running, check its log for RPA Express.


@amashentsev I did that and got the same error
The antivirus (McAffee LiveSafe) did not record any activity and did not kick in during installation.


can you make CRC check of the downloaded RPA Express package?


@amashentsev sorry, I dont know how to do that. Can you give me a hint for any tools to use? I am on Windows 7


@amashentsev I found a way. Here is the result:

Nombre: RPAExpressInstaller.zip
CRC-32: 2b76e854
MD4: 3e3d257fc1bc280bed6dd975b0b166d8
MD5: 7385a6234c2bb292042d4ca0196f4265
SHA-1: c18751198b4de5a6fdbb3e13018326369c408560


thanks. Are you using the Compressed Folder Tools from Windows Explorer?
If yes, try to extract the content with another tool, like 7-zip.
When it still fails to install even after that, just re-download the package.


Strange, now it worked. I re-downloaded the file, for the third time, and now it installs correctly. Thanks!