Validate if POPUP Occurs

When executing a process on a green screen emulator, if the incorrect invoice is input, then a popup occurs

  1. Tried to get the popup name using Get Window Title - Came back blank, reading other feedback, tried to Launch Application - error launching - can the working directory used?
  2. Tried to switch to popup within Error Dialog and issue error if it does not come up; Finds the popup if it exists, but gets hung if the popup does not exist.

Any thoughts? Not sure if you can treat a popup as an image?

please add the screenshot as it’s not visible.

See above - picture has been added.

However, why does the Window command find it ok but then never error out when it does not exist? Just hangs and waits? Never hits the If an error occurred logic.I let it run for 10 minutes and step 140 Switch Window(Host Message) continues indefinitely, then takes a very long time ot end the session.

try to use the Wait For Image action with the captured popup window instead of Window and save the result directly to host_popup from the action.

I was able to utilize the Wait for Image action to get this to work. However, I would assume that the infinite wait for a window that does not exist still is an issue?


we’ve investigated your case and found, that sometimes such issue can appear, but it happens very rarely and its nature can not be identified properly. In the next release we are going to implement a first version of the object recorder to improve handling of the objects. So this issue will be fixed. Stay tuned on RPA Express.