Validating email addresses

Need to validate email addresses using Work Fusion.
Take string input from the user and check if it is valid email id or not.

A valid email address should meet the below criteria.

  1. Only 1 @ should be present
  2. After @ there should be 1 dot(.) present
  3. After the last dot, there should be at least 3 characters
  4. Should not contain blank spaces


Valid email address

Invalid Email address
ab c@ gmail. com

Hi @Ramesh you can do it by matching the String to a Regex (in the If-Else action).

I think you need Regex [^ @]+@{1}[^ @]+\.[a-z]{2,3}

Thank you so much it is working :grinning:

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it is failing on the below scenario

After @ if I give 2 dots it should be invalid email but it is showing valid

please provide

Try this one [^ @.]+@{1}[^ @.]+[.]{1}[a-z]{2,3}