"Variable does not exist:null"


I have problem with seting value from variable to Excel cell. I am setting value of variable from clipboard nad then trying in Excel, to set “New cell value” from this variable. Variable type is set to string and I can paste the value from clipboard to Notepad, but it looks like I am not able to set clipboard value of variable. I am getting error

It should be simple, but I am struggling. I appreciate your help .



this errors means that on step #28 you forgot to select a variable in your action parameters.

Something like this:


Many Thanks. Best regards.


Getting a similar error.
Caused by: org.openqa.selenium.WebDriverException: Variable does not exist: freemarker.template.DefaultListAdapter@34f5d5a1

I can see that all my declarations and assignments for the objects are right. Not sure why i am getting this error. Could you please review and advise.

RPAe error (Value does not exist).txt (10.1 KB)


@ulhas_shetty, please see the solution above


@azinchuk I have made sure of all declarations and assignments, but i am still seeing that error. Would you happen to know what “freemarker.template.DefaultListAdapter@34f5d5a1” would mean??