Variable formats when passing variables between bot tasks in Control Tower?

I am struggling with passing variables between bot tasks in Control Tower. I am using same variable name across bot tasks but the last task seems to fail no matter what format I convert that to.

The bot task works ok if I define the variable value within the bot task like this:
def str_company_id = RString.of(‘205’)

If I use def str_company_id = RString.of(’’) the value from the previous task does come thru however the following comparison seems to fail:

list_company_id.each( {cell -> if ((cell) == (str_company_id)) {

I have tried all possible permutations converting the cell and str_company_id variables to different formats without success. What could be the possible culprit here? I have also tried ${str_company_id} and “${str_company_id}”.

@peke_robot check the output from the previous task.
Perhaps, the value of ${str_company_id} has a different format from the value of ${cell}.