Variable item already exists exception



I am getting below error many times and I am not sure at which line the error is there as when I check there are no green ticks and red cross it just disappears when this error comes so not able to debug properly.

Variable item already exists
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Variable item already exists

does anyone have any idea for this issue?



I found where I am getting the error.

its when doing for each loop in a table.

I have used this many times in one task itself and I have changed the name as well for all the row still the error is there.

we cannot use for each loop for more than one time in the same task?


you can, but name the variable other than “item”


I am using row1 row2 row3
is it wrong?

For each row1 in tableXX
then for each item in row1

and so on…


should work fine.

please post your recording here



i cannot replicate the scenario but i am using For each item in a list and under this i am using for each row in table.

even if the name is different it is still throwing error?

can we not use this loop inside another loop?