Variable not working after adding another variable (Unable to read file)



Hi, it is the second time today that I have encountered an error with my variables.

I have quite a large file with up to 180 steps in it and 40+ variables including booleans, strings, lists and tables. After adding another variable the “Unable to read file” error occures. In the beginning I couldn’t figure out what was causing the error since all the variables in the steps are properly set. So, a few grey hairs later I have found the cause.


I noticed that when I scroll up/down through the variables window some of the variables turn grey and it is not possible to see what values they hold. Only after deleting the most upper variable before the grey area, that doesn’t seem to hold any value, all other variables started to work again and the problem was solved.

Although that I know how to solve the problem it seems like there is a bug in the system. This problem occurs sporadically and is delaying the development. One of the questions I have is there a limit on the number of variables that a project could have? Any help on how to stop this problem to reoccur is appreciated.

Two different error files for the same problem are included.

rpaErrorFile.txt (8.3 KB)
rpaErrorFile2.txt (7.2 KB)

Unable to execute recording in RPA Express

Hi all! I am trying to start the file but I get an error that the file could not be read. I know that it sometimes happens because of an empty field where a variable should be but this time I can’t find where I missed it. Could someone look at the error file and tell me what variable I have missed?

Thank you in advance!

rpaErrorFile.txt (8.3 KB)


Hi @vladislav_sazB, I’ve merged your issues as they seem to have the same cause.

Do you use version 1.4.0?


@vladislav_sazB There is no limit to the number of variables, and we haven’t encountered this issue before. Has it appeared in only one recording? Or is it a regular issue?