Variables for Action Library properties

Is it possible to add a value to the scroll lines down textbox. What are limitations with using variables regarding Action Library attributes?

@brian_joseph you cannot use a variable in the Mouse scroll action.

You can use String variables in action properties to define filepaths, application names, text.
But you cannot define the number of lines to scroll, or the number of time Repeat loop should be performed.

Thank you but, you have to hard-code a loop? Or are you saying RPA Express does it for you? There has to be a way to handle uncertainty in repetition.

Yes, if you use Repeat or Retry loop, you need to specify how many times the bot has to perform the actions.

What kind of uncertainties do you mean?

In some cases, you can use use While loop, so the bot will perform the actions until a certain condition is met; or For each loop so the bot will repeat them for each record you have in a List or a Table.

Thank you. That addresses my question.

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