Variables Value


I’ve read a table and stored in a variable. How can I know the actual value of the variable? I want to know what its storing.



You can see the final value of the variable after playing the recording in the execution-result.log file in the script folder.

Or you can copy the value from the variable to a text file using Clipboard or Enter Keystrokes action.

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Could someone help me to find the action that prints out the values of variables?
Or is there a panel where I can check run time results?


@hao_wuyeLcxQRG you can write run-time variables values to a file using Enter keystrokes action.

Thanks for the quick reply!

For some reason, I can’t write the value to documents, using “Write to file” action.
For instance, I use “Read text file” action to read a word document, containing unicode characters (UTF-8), images, tables atc.
And then write it to a .txt file.

I was hoping that the characters will be copied to the txt file (not images or formats).

But, the action of “write to file” only works when I choose “UTF-16”, then the results of those characters would obviously be unreadable.

@hao_wuyeLcxQRG “Read file” action now only works with text files, it cannot read word documents.
If you copy the data in the word file to a recorder variable using keystrokes and clipboard actions and then write it to .txt using “Write to file” actions, it should work.