Wait being ignored

The Wait feature in the action library and the Wait in the advanced section of the of each task are not working.
The workflow is:
Open a text file and save to a list variable
Use Window action and loop through each element in the list to typing each element on an input line in the window. Then using keyboard action to press enter twice. The second enter will return the cursor to the input line.

I need a 1 second delay before the second keyboard action enter is performed. The Wait 1000 ms before performing this action is ignored. I even put Wait 10000 ms before performing this action at each step and increased the default delay between actions to 2000 ms in the playback section of RPA Recorder.

Version 2.4.0
WorkFusion Intelligent Automation Cloud Enterprise

Hi @topher are you sure you have saved the changes in the script after adding the Wait? We couldn’t reproduce this issue in 2.4.

I found my issue, it’s not an issue with Wait, sorry. I had not choose the correct line separator for my list so the first step of the loop was reading the entire list. The waits I had added were not being stepped through until the end of the list. My bad, sorry again.

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Thanks for letting know @topher