Wait for an Event?


Is there a way to wait for an event, e.g. an incoming email, or an incoming message on a message queue? Or as an alternative is there a way to tell the bot to continue with a certain activity?

As an example, I have a use case where I need to trigger some activity in a web application by clicking a button, which will kick off some background processing in the application. Once the background processing has been completed, the application will send out a message on a message queue about the completion. I can write code to capture that message outside of RPA Express - now how do I tell the RPA Express Bot to continue with the next step?

Or is the only option to do polling, where the bot checks for some external signal (e.g. text about task completion in the browser) every couple of seconds?


@Nils_Winkler thanks for sharing your interesting use case!

Right now, in RPA Express Recorder you can do only polling.

But in the Bot task of Control Tower you can use the plugin - https://kb.workfusion.com/display/WF/release


Thanks for the reply - that pages takes me to a login page for the Wiki. I’m not sure I have credentials for that…


@Nils_Winkler - sent you invitation email.


Thanks, got it!


Hi ,

Can you please suggest how should we proceed with Event Based RPA ?



@Runa_Pal - please give more details