Wait for Image | image not recognized | Boarder and cross hairs remain on image

Hey Team

I came across a issue when using “wait for image”. When I capture a new image the boarder and cross hairs remain on the output result. The problem lies in performing the action as the image as it’s can’t be found due to the red board and cross hairs, please see below:


Your help would be appreciated.

Vaughan Batchelor

@vaughan_batcPq we couldn’t reproduce this issue with capturing the image.
Does it happen every time you capture an image, including for Mouse actions? Or is it only with Wait for Image action?

Hey Ashapkina

It does it every time regardless of whether I use Wait for Image or Mouse actions. Could it be that Workfusion didn’t fully download the last version? as this has only occurred after I updated to the most current version recently…

Not sure since we haven’t had such issues before. Try reinstalling Express.