Wait For Image - screen resolution sensitivity

I would like to know how sensitive to screen resolution is image matching within “Wait For Image” and “Click” actions.

I had a version, which seemed to work really well, but some resultion changed and now I have problems to make the script run correctly again.

Please share your experience regarding managing different screen resultions across dev & prod environments. Perhaps best approach is to have the same.


It should work if screen resolution changes. Can you post the images within “Wait For Image” and “Click” actions and make screenshots of your desktop. Thanks.


Will you share the images?

Yes I will try to deliver it soon - though it mamy be hard to reproduce based on screenshots.

it seems that screenshot generator uses screen resultion from the moment it was started which also impacts coordinates (e.g. Click point) so in the end also wrong area is beeing clicked.

Below I enclose 2 AVI videos showing the problem:

  • screen-capture.avi - it shows that during screen capture operation the screen somehow gets smaller for the time of choosing the anchor image
  • mouse-move.avi - it shows that the cursor is moved to a position where the icon will presumably be if the screen is shrunk

Videos.zip (1.5 MB)

The probable cause is that it incorrectly recognizes current screen resulution.
During startup it was Full HD (1920x1028) - i connected via RDP from other laptop and started the environment. And now during recording it was around 1366x768.

Hope it helps

Thanks for the info, we will investigate this case.

I think the problem i had (that disappeared) in the last part of: https://forum.workfusion.com/t/imprecise-image-recognition/6062/8 was exactly the same… Caused by working both with my laptop on the move, and also at work with a much lager scereen. :slight_smile: