Wait for image to disappear

I am looking for a function in RPAx that waits for an image to DISAPPEAR. The wait for image action waits for an image to appear, but I need one that doesnt perform the next action until a specific image (or part of it) disappears.

It is this screen:

Once the green button “Publicar” is pressed it might take seconds but also minutes until the foreground screen (“Asistente para publicar documentos”) disappears. Once that happens I can perform the next action.

Any creative ideas how to solve that?


Hi Tim,

How about using a while loop to wait for an “image_found” variable to become false before moving on to the next step. Something like this:
Look for image (image_found = true)
while (image_found = true)
wait a second
look for image again (will become false when not found)



Excellent idea! Thanks @Bonnero!

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Don’t forget some kind of “infinite loop” exit condition, maybe a counter or a retry function set to just over the max time you have observed on the page.

Good advice. I will play a bit with a date/time variable and see if I can define an exit criteria after 5 minutes.