Want to open different pdf documents with different doc names?


I want to open different pdf documents to perform the same task on all of them. Is there a way I can open it without clicking on the image of PDF documents, but launching it by some internal RPA command?

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@Sharma_Nikhil, You can try to
create a list variable with full addresses of .pdf files ( for example: D:\test.pdf )
for each item in list
enter keystrokes (win+r)
enter keystrokes (from variable item)
enter keystrokes (enter)
other actions you want to perform with .pdf files

should be something like this:

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Hi Adyatilikov

I used your script you provided but the win+r only works the first time it loops, when it goes through the loop the second time it does not work.

I also tried using “Lauch application” within the For Each item and that only worked the first time as well.

Is there a reason why the Launch application or the Win+r only works for the first iteration of the “For Each” loop and not subsequent loops?

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If you replace step 5 with ENTER keystroke it also doesnt work?

Hi Tim. Sadly not.

I would have thought that this “For Each” would just work.

I am using Windows 10 with Workfusion Studio version 2.2

The other strange thing is that I open the spreadsheet below and then increment a counter and enter it in a cell… and this works. The the For Each loop is working but the “Launch Application” is not… why?

But now when I use Win+r it works!!!

I am totally confused why the other command using Launch Application does not work but at least I have it working now… for how much longer I do not know. Thanks Tim and all

I normally use win-r instead of launch application when there are variable file names. Works well.

Another tip: put your variable into the clipboard and then do a ctrl-v after win-r. Is much faster than keystrokes from variable

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Great tip re clipboard… I will give it a try Tim!!

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