Ways to trigger a bot


I have been able to create some fairly complex automations in RPA express but Im a little lost with control tower.
I’ve seen that it is possible to schedule a bot to run at specific intervals but I would like to know if there are other ways to trigger a bot to run by a user other than manually running from RPA express.
Some type of executable file, a link from a website or something of the sort.
The goal is to make it easy for non-technical users to run the bot and prevent them from making changes to the bot.


Control Tower is your friend!

Follow more of the course on automation academy and you will get a good overview of capability.

Meantime the enhanced documentation for Control Tower is “coming soon” - Right Alesia? :wink:

Will try to provide it next week.

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There is currently no other option to run a recording other than via Recorder or Control tower. In Control Tower, users can start the process manually, without using the scheduler.

Hello @Bonnero and @ashapkina,
Just checking if things are still on track for the Control Tower documentation to be released this week?

Yes, planning to post it this week.

Hi @ashapkina,
Was this posted last week? If so, where can I see it?


Hi Eder,
No, sorry, I’m running a bit late. I will finalize a sample business process and post it soon.

@ashapkina, any update on this?

@eaguirreepjIJX The guide is almost ready. We had an issue with uploading input data for lists and tables in the previous versions, which we have fixed. I want to test it before posting the guide to make sure that it is accurate.

was the guide ever completed?

@eaguirreepjIJX yes, it is completed. It will be published for users shortly (the text part). The video tutorials on Control Tower are in post-production stage and will be available later.