We launch it! RPA Express: Introduction and Getting Started



Hi there,

We’re excited to tell you that we’re soft-launching a brand-new course: RPA Express: Introduction and Getting Started.

This 4-hour course will make it quick and easy for anyone to install and use our free RPA software RPA Express. (If you haven’t already downloaded it you should!)

The course takes you through each step with detailed instructions and includes 12 assignments and 20 videos. We think it’s going to be very useful, but we need your help to make sure that it’s the best it can be.

That’s why we’re offering $25 Amazon gift cards to the first 10 users who complete the course and submit their feedback before end of the week (Sunday Aug 27).

Please use the hashtags #RPAExpress and #AutomationAcademy when you post your video assignments on YouTube and use the password: “EnjoyNewCourse!” to get access to the course.

Thanks for all your help,
The Automation Academy team

Password to RPA Express: Introduction and Getting Started
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BTW, you can ask all questions and post your feedback here, under this post.


Hi, Well done with the launch.

How does this fit in with those that have just submitted their assignments for grading?


Hi @enzo, did mean assignments for the previous course?


Hi, Yes I do.


I get lost when I browse to any of the "Guide"s. It looks like they are links to other resources available, and as a result they don’t provide navigation to the next section of the course.


Guides are hosted on our knowledge base - https://kb.workfusion.com

You can open these links in new browser tabs not to get lost.


We’ve got several submitted assignments already and we’re waiting for more :slightly_smiling_face:
Here is a good example of a recorded result video for you (well-done @dipti_shrivasta!)

P.S.: Don’t forget about the hashtags #RPAExpress #AutomationAcademy


When I try to access the new RPA Express training course, I get prompted to enter an enrollment key. Where do I find that enrollment key?


Hi @rdaigle

Use the password: “EnjoyNewCourse!” to get access to the course. (see in the first topic)


Hi Team,

There is one Quiz RPA Recorder Actions.
I completed my Quiz already

Then also I Can’t see tick in my course for this Quiz.
Please see the below screen shot:


Hi @dipti_shrivasta,

Will learn how to fix it. Thank you for the feedback!
And congratulation! :slight_smile:


@dipti_shrivasta, I’ve fixed:

Now you should see this.


Thanks much for this appreciation @abulka
I will be sending more examples for your review :slight_smile:



Hi there,
We’re happy to inform you that the deadline for submitting the assignments for this new course is extended until September 8th.

Hurry up, cause only first 10 users who complete the course will get $25 Amazon gift cards :wink:


Hi Team,

In assignment 6, I’m not getting this below image ::


Instead of this, I am getting file uploader in which i can submit file upto 1MB size.
and my file size is 8MB.

Could you please help me out for this.


Hello @dipti_shrivasta,
I’ve checked it and now you can submit this task with a link to your video.


Thanks @abulka :slight_smile:
Now I am able to submit my assignment


Hi Team,

In Assignment 12, I have to open “Historical prices” in Google Finance but when i searched for Alphabet company, i didn’t find “Historical prices” tab anywhere.

As a workaround, can i use historical prices details from Yahoo Finance or from another site???