We launch it! RPA Express: Introduction and Getting Started

Hi @vaibhavi_modake , yes, it is.

Hi @dipti_shrivasta, yes, you can use other historical prices.
@natasha_gupta I think you can do the same :wink:

Hi @ramanjaneyulu_vaddi, please resubmit your assignment, you’ve got 3 attempts.

thanks @abulka, i have submitted the assignment waiting for the grades now.

Thanks for information @Abulka :slight_smile:

I have submitted my assignment using Yahoo historical prizes :slight_smile:

This course is really good, good work team :wink:


Are there a deadline for the cource, why and when is last day for submission? I been at a conferance and I have not recived any feedback on the assignments from yesterday. The time is ticking for me.

Hi. I am running through RPAe courses and was working on a guided example.
After creating the project (using recorder), when I try to click on ‘Publish to control tower’ it doesn’t show any window to enter the process name. Just nothing. No updates to the list of processes either.

I see the control tower is active/running, and I am also logged in to the control tower web UI using credentials.

Any idea on what I might be missing here?

Do let me know if you guys need more details.

Ulhas S.

Oh. And i did click on the drop down link for ‘As new business process’. It is still the same. No dialog window for insert process name or any such info.


I got this deadline warning that do not make sense.
I have been a member since september.

This course was really helpful to understand workfusion in a better way!..Thanks for the course :slight_smile:

Hi @abulka,

For RPA Express: Introduction and Getting Started [NEW], whenever I click on assignment link i get this error of “sorry, this activity is hidden”. Also, the grade page does not show any of the submitted or graded assignments


All assignments were graded yesterday.
We switched off grading assignments. Now this is an option, not requirement.


What is the problem you faced up? You can not get a certificate, your progress do not calculate?

Hi @YShilyaev_Workfusion,

Since my assignments grades are not available and updated, I am unable to download the certificate for this course.


The above announcement is for Power User Level 1 and Level 2.
The course I am facing problem is “RPA Express: Introduction and Getting Started” where I am unable to see my assignments grade and download certificate.

We’ve made the same changes for RPA Express course too.
If you have an issue with certificate issuing - please send us a request to help@automationacademy.com or post your email here.

Great :hugs:, I tought they had changed it.
Sudenly I past the course :trophy: a 100%, while working on Assignment7.

I have sent a mail to help@automationacademy.com. Hope after this, i am able to download my certificate.